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Text Wizard Copywriting website privacy and cookie policies

What does our policy cover?

This website privacy policy describes how we, Text Wizard Copywriting Ltd, protect and make use of the information you give us when you use our website.

If we ask you for information when using our website, we will use it only in the ways described in this privacy policy.

From time to time we may update this policy. The latest version (July 2016) is the one you are reading now on our website privacy-policy page. If you have copied or downloaded our policy, please go back to the website to see the current version.

If you have any questions about our policy, email or write to us using the addresses on our contact page. 

We gather and use a limited amount of information about you and other visitors to provide information and services, and to enable certain functions on this website. We also collect information so that we can better understand how you and others use our website, and to present you with timely, relevant information.


What data are we collecting?

We may collect some or all of the following:

  • Your name and job title
  • Your contact information including email address
  • Demographic information about you, such as your postcode, preferences, and interests
  • Data about your use of our website
  • Other information relevant to client enquiries
  • Other information relating to special offers and surveys


How we use this data?

Your data helps us understand what you are looking for from our company and website, which helps us improve the information and services we provide.

In particular, we may use your data:

  • For our own internal records
  • To improve our services or the information we supply
  • To reply to your enquiries
  • To adapt our website for you
  • To send you promotional emails about services, offers, and other useful information that might be relevant to you
  • To send you promotional mailings or to call you about services, offers, and other useful information that might be relevant to you
  • To contact you by email, telephone, or mail for market research


What’s the deal with cookies?

A cookie is a small file that our website places on your computer’s hard drive. Our website uses the cookie to identify your computer – and therefore you – as you wander from page to page on our website.

Websites and applications use cookies to store your preferences. That’s how they present content, options, or functions that are specific to you. We can also use that information to learn more about our website, for example, how many people use it and what pages they visit.


How do we use cookies?

We may use cookies to:

  • Analyse our web traffic using an analytics package. Aggregated usage data helps us improve our website structure, design, content, and functions
  • If we introduce sign-in functionality, identify when you are signed into our site
  • Test content on our website; half our visitors, for example, might see one thing while the other half see something else
  • Store information about your preferences; our website can then give you information that you might find more relevant or interesting
  • To know when you return to our website so that we can show you relevant content or provide functionality you used previously

Cookies do not give us access to your computer, nor to information about you, other than that which you choose to share with us.


How can you control our cookies?

You can set the cookie settings in your web browser to control how our website uses cookies. If you don’t want our website to store cookies on your computer or device, set your web browser to refuse cookies. Note that refusing cookies may impair your use of our website. Some pages or services may no longer be available.

If you allow your browser to accept cookies, our website will continue to issue cookies each time you visit.


How can you control your data and information?

When you fill in a form or provide other details on our website, you will see one or more tick boxes allowing you to opt in to receive newsletters or other marketing communications from us by email, telephone, text message, or post.

If you change your mind after having agreed that we can use your information for marketing purposes, you can let us know by:

  • Writing or emailing us via the addresses on our contact page 
  • If we introduce sign-in functionality, by signing in to our website and changing your opt-in settings

We do not ask for opt-ins for communications from third parties because we never pass details or information about you to other parties, other than those that are required by law.

Any personal information we hold about you is stored and processed under our data protection policy, in line with the Data Protection Act 1998.


Is your information secure?

We will always keep your information secure. To prevent unauthorised disclosure or access to your information, we have appropriate physical and electronic security safeguards. We also follow appropriate procedures to ensure we manage your personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.


What about links to other websites?

Our website contains links to other websites containing information that might be relevant to visitors to our site. Obviously we have no control over web pages beyond our own textwizard.com domain. If you provide information to a website to which we link, we are not responsible for its protection and privacy. Nor are we responsible for content on any site to which we link.

Take care when submitting data to websites. Read the site’s data-protection and privacy policies before you release any information.


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