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Crunch decision.

Ordinary grain or Insane Grain? Empty puff or a big, bad, puffed-to-the-max serving of ancient African super grains?

Food packaging copywriter: three packs of Insane Grain

Featured work:

Built for heavy traffic

ThistlePro DuraFinish takes the hard knocks of life on the go

Fleet livery copywriter: British Gypsum lorry with image and text on the side curtain

Featured work:

A great pub is like a warm embrace …

… cheerful, inviting, dependable. In the polished wood, gleaming brass, decorative tiles, etched glass, and wrought ironwork of a Nicholson’s pub, you see the collective heart of a nation. This is where Britons have come to celebrate and to commiserate, to discuss the news and hear the gossip, to escape the daily grind and laugh with the crowd.

Hospitality copywriting: full pint of beer in a dimpled glass

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As dusk falls …

… Leicester’s cultural scene comes to life. Why stay in when the neon of night-time entertainment burns so brightly? This is the city for inventiveness and fun – for howling with laughter, roaring with the crowd, or holding your breath in awed, whatever-happens-next silence.

Arts and culture copywriting: giant white street-theatre bird

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One spiral excites the imagination …

… more than any other. It reaches out to artists, naturalists, mathematicians, mystics, and infinity. The Fibonacci spiral is precise and numerical, yet it defines the beauty of much of the world around us. And the maths is so simple, a child can grasp it.

PR copywriter: a single sunflower head

Freelance copywriter and tone-of-voice specialist

Copywriting that shows you’re human, relevant, and fearlessly innovative

How fresh does your brand or business vision sound? Do your words sparkle with the energy that’s driving your business to number one – or is your copywriting as colourless as the clichés and grey platitudes of your competitors?

Even now, when you can’t easily meet customers face-to-face, the communication fundamentals haven’t changed. Your competition-beating product or service is as relevant now as it was before the crisis hit. Well, maybe with a tweak or two to account for your customers’ changing priorities.

So let’s keep driving the message home. If you believe that inventiveness and innovation will propel your brand to the top, you need copy that captures your stir-things-up brand attitude. No one will take your disruptive approach seriously if they can’t see the same thirst for change in your copywriting.

It’s time to start afresh – to let your ideas shine in a sales pitch bursting with humanity, relevance, and brand difference.

Start now with a call to 0117 204 7334 or by emailing freelance copywriter, Chas Walton.

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"The high quality of your text never fails to amaze me – on brief every time and always keeping our tone of voice and customer base in mind. Your speedy turnaround and creative suggestions have definitely helped save the day on more than one occasion."

Jo Harris
Account Manager, Travis Perkins

"Chas immediately understood what we wanted. He immersed himself in our brand and created copy that spoke to customers directly from the carton. He also produced a simple tone-of-voice document that helped us communicate in the same style with our audience."

Ben Cull
Marketing Director, Yeo Valley Organic


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