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Proof that the devil really does find work for idle keyboards

Research tips for copywriters

AccessLab is a British Science Association programme to give people the skills to research original scientific papers. We report back from our day of discovery.

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And the winner is …

Reach Contact win at the UK Customer Experience Awards. We helped them wow the judges with a written submission and scripted face-to-face presentation. Could you, too, be an award-winner?

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Copyright with a small ©

It’s hard to stop people ripping off your web copy, but you can at least flag up your ownership. So how do you apply that © symbol? Do you even need it?

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Collective nouns: singular or plural?

‘The band is in full swing’ or ‘the band are in full swing’? ‘The band is drinking coffee’ or ‘the band are drinking coffee’? We look at some of those tricky questions of plurality.

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