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Back-of-can instructions copywriting for Holts Tyreweld

Instructions copywriting on the back of a can of Holts Tyreweld
Instructions copywriting: front and rear of a can of Holts Tyreweld

A redesign for Holts Tyreweld was an opportunity to update the instructions and other back-of-can copy.

I refined the text and queried a couple of points that wouldn’t make sense to non-specialist users. Why, for example, would you ‘move to safety’ once you’d begun the inflation process? Answer: to be away from passing traffic not because the process is unsafe. And since I’m a motoring ignoramus as well as a copywriter of instructions, I had no idea how to tell the size of car tyres.

The result is an amalgam of Holts’ copy and mine – and so much clearer for the shared effort.


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