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Step-by-step instructions to build a log cabin in your garden

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Instructions copywriter: extract from the instructions for building a Finnforest log cabin

Instructions copywriter: page of instructions for building walls and doors for a Finnforest log cabin

Instructions copywriter showing components laid out ready to build a Finnforest log cabin

I’ve never built a log cabin. But I’ve written so many sets of assembly instructions for Finnforest (now Metsä Wood), I could almost do it with my eyes shut.

Luckily I worked with a great illustrator – and I’m good at visualising in 3D. He drew the components in such detail, we worked together to build the cabins in our heads. Occasionally we found flaws in the design that the manufacturer hadn’t spotted.

My instructions copywriting and the illustrator’s pictures made the job of building a cabin in your garden almost foolproof.


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