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Full-dome planetarium scriptwriting for Lord Attenborough voice-over

Full-dome voice-over scriptwriter: telescope looking out through slot in observatory dome
Full-dome voice-over scriptwriter: extact from the script for Big at the National Space Centre
Full-dome voice-over scriptwriter: the transparent tower at Leicester's National Space Centre

The original voice-over script for Big, the Space Centre’s first full-dome (= planetarium style) production was a bit clunky. Since I’d already edited the Space Centre’s 50,000 words of exhibition copy, the production team asked me to help.

I watched the movie and rewrote the script for a better fit and flow. When the narrator, the late Lord Attenborough, saw it he said – without prompting – that it was very good.

Chuffed? You bet! The man was an Oscar-winner and he liked my scriptwriting.

Sadly, Lord Attenborough was late in years when he stepped into the recording studio and, much to the director’s disappointment, mumbled many of his lines. But he was still good – full of wonder, but never over the top.

You can see the full movie (22 mins 36 secs) by clicking the telescope image. There are two versions on that page. The second one — the rectangle – is for watching on a screen. The round version only makes sense in a full dome.


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