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Developing an authentic tone of voice for Yeo Valley

Tone-of-voice copywriter: a single-page guide written for Yeo Valley Organic
Tone-of-voice copywriter: a page from a Yeo Valley Organic newsletter
Tone-of-voice copywriter: carton of Yeo Valley Organic raspberry yogurt

This is an old project. In the decade-plus since I worked on it, Yeo Valley Organic has shortened its name to Yeo Valley and been through several more rebranding exercises.

But so what? They’re lovely people who invited me down for a day-long tour of the farm and dairy so that I could understand how much patience and enthusiasm went into a carton of yogurt.

I went home to write packaging copy for every item in the range, together with a supporting newsletter. When I was done, Yeo Valley asked me to reduce what I’d learned to a single sheet of A4 – a simple guide to an authentic tone of voice that they could hand out to other suppliers.

That’s the thing about copywriting style and tone of voice: a detailed guide is often way too complex to enforce across a range of internal and external contributors. Sometimes a single page is enough to nudge everyone in the right direction.

Other brands for which I’ve written similar one-pagers are Yale and Wild Bean Cafe.


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