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Scriptwriting for animated video about just-in-time processes

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Still from the animated video, 'The case for world-class baggage handling'

Heathrow is investing in new infrastructure on a huge scale. Some elements, such as the new Terminal 2, you can see; others are hidden from view. A new airport-wide baggage system is one of those behind-the-scenes changes that’s speeding up the flow of bags and improving the reliability of baggage handling.

Heathrow’s challenge was to keep its stakeholders – the airlines and baggage handlers – on board and fully engaged with the changes. During the early stages, we wrote copy for an informative, baggage-shaped brochure (see image directly above). Later, as the launch date approached, we scripted an animated video that showed how the system worked. The animators, Chaos Design, came up with a neat idea in which the bags themselves had personalities.

There’s a short extract between the quote marks. To see the full video, click the link below.

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We’ve written dozens of pieces of Heathrow, including the airport’s style and tone-of-voice guide and a souvenir photobook to celebrate London 2012


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