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Editorial style and tone-of-voice guide for Heathrow

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Hundreds of people write documents – internal and external – for Heathrow. All of them have to speak with the Heathrow voice. How Heathrow Writes was the style guide that helped them do it. It combines tips on copywriting and tone of voice with a detailed set of editorial rules covering everything from capitalisation to bullet points to weights and measures.

I also compiled a companion document, The Heathrow Dictionary, containing definitive spellings and capitalisations for the jargon and initialisms that all large organisations accumulate.

The extracts shown here are from the second edition of How Heathrow Writes, updated by me in 2015. I’ve since updated everything so that it could be incorporated in Heathrow’s comprehensive brand guide.

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I’ve written dozens of pieces of Heathrow, including a souvenir photobook to celebrate London 2012 and the script for an animated video about baggage transformation


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