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The turf of champions …

… on display at France 2016. This summer, the eyes of Europe will be focused on the speed and agility of the continent’s finest footballers, and on the lush green resilience of its finest turf grasses.

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About the Society of Homeopaths

Everyone needs a healthcare professional they can trust – one who’s trained to rigorous standards, bound by a strict code of ethics, and subject to independent regulation. That’s what the Society of Homeopaths stands for.

Web copywriting: glass bottles and measuring flasks

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Dog lovers with pharmaceutical standards

Away from the lab and the white coats, we’re typical dog lovers – keen to chat with fellow dog owners and delighted to offer advice on anything from supplements for an active lifestyle to treatments for travel sickness, phobias or ageing joints.

Brand-defining copywriter: head of a spaniel wearing a cone

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Orkney’s steadfast lighthouses …

… mark the boundaries between peat and brine as much as those between Atlantic and North Sea. In their midst lies Scapa Flow, an expanse of calm water ringed by islands of soft turf. This safe anchorage shelters modern seafarers, just as the islands once protected Norse warriors and Celtic nobles.

Whisky packaging copywriter: bottle of Scapa single malt and cardboard presentation tube

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Shiny green killer

What can you learn from our model of an adult tiger beetle?

Can you see the wings? Tiger beetles are excellent fliers.

Now look at the legs. Tiger beetles are one of the fastest runners in the insect world.

What else can you see? What other parts of the beetle’s body make it a successful predator?

Interpretation copywriter: giant model tiger beetle in Clumber Park Discovery Centre

Your local Devon copywriters

Devon copywriting: Plymouth, Exeter, Torquay, Barnstaple, and Tiverton

You know what your business can do. You know that it’s the best in Devon, and that you and your team run rings round your competitors.

But when you put your story into words there’s something missing. There’s no spark – none of the fire that drives you to do things so much better than the mediocre businesses around you. Your copy looks and sounds as uninspired as theirs.

So let’s do something about it.

Copywriting agency for Plymouth, Exeter, and Tiverton

We’re your local Devon freelance copywriters. From our studio near Tiverton we write for clients throughout the UK and around the globe.

But you’re on our doorstep, so we can make it personal. We can meet face-to-face to get to the heart of what you do – to tell the world why yours is the only business that counts in Plymouth, Exeter, Torquay, or Barnstaple.

To be the unbeatable Devon business that you really are, call us today on 01884 669001 or send us an email.

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Here’s what a few of our west-country clients say

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"If you know what you want to say, Text Wizard know how to say it, which is precisely why I chose them for our re-brand and editing copy for our new website. Highly recommended."

Richard Lowe
Director, Hewlett Rand

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"We needed to reach out to new clients via an email campaign. After a very helpful briefing chat, Text Wizard not only came up with fresh and unexpected ideas, but also put these into beautifully clear, concise and engaging messages, which by far exceeded our expectations. Would I choose them again? Most definitely!"

Dr Knut Shroeder
Founder & Director, Expert Self Care Ltd

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"Chas is an exceptional copywriter. He knows words, and how to use them to make your product or service stand out. When he came on one of my LinkedIn courses, I was knocked out by the beautifully simple, customer-centric LinkedIn summary he created. I now use it as an example of how to write one. Whatever words you need, Chas is your man. Highly recommended."

Greg Cooper
LinkedIn Trainer, Front of Mind Coaching


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