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There’s no limit to artistic expression. Everyone creates in their own way – children especially. Even a happy arrangement of toys comes from somewhere inside – from that place where make-believe and aesthetics produce a set-up that’s as pleasing to the imagination as it is to the eye.

So here’s a collection of a dozen playful artistic activities to pass a few hours of lockdown. All free, of course. One more tiny contribution to the common good, produced in collaboration with those lovely designers at Creative Triangle. The design and the projects are theirs; the words and methods are mine.

Extracts for A squiggly stare, Everyday alphabets, and The robots are coming are below – full instructions, including creative variations and examples, in the PDF.

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And don’t forget to share your own pictures and ideas using the hashtag: #AWasteOfPaper

Download A waste of paper (PDF: 4.2MB)

Also available online … our joint collection of word games, A waste of words, is for word lovers.

Download A waste of words (PDF: 471KB)




Instructions for art activity, A squiggly stare
Instructions for art activity, Everyday alphabets
Instructions for art activity, The robots are coming


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