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We copywriters like a good board game – especially a solitary one. Complements our lack of social skills.

But that’s not the point of this page. This is a trumpet-blowing exercise to show how good we are at writing instruction manuals for anything from building a log cabin in your garden to learning the rules of the road.

Everyone knows solitaire, that infuriating game where you move marbles across a grid in a fruitless attempt to end up with just one in the central recess.

Can’t do it? Well here’s how – and in just 220 words arranged in 18 steps. We made the instructions as brief as we can to prove a point.

Download our textual solution for winning at solitaire (PDF: 63KB)

What, can’t be arsed to read it? OK then, here’s an animated version. No words, just easy-on-the-eye pictures. Shame on you.

Download our visual solution to solitaire (WMV: 6.7MB)


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