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Congratulations to Reach Contact for a magnificent win at last Friday’s UK Customer Experience Awards. Reach are Heathrow’s purple-clad Passenger Ambassadors, and a factor in the airport’s relentless rise up the European passenger-satisfaction rankings.

Reach won in the Team: Listening and Responding category for taking on board just about everything that passengers said about Heathrow retailing – and turning those insights into sales-boosting services.

A perfectly pitched awards submission

To win an award you need a great presentation as well as a great story. Sure, you can’t win if you haven’t been doing fantastic things, but you could easily lose out if your competitors impress the panel with a slicker sales pitch.

That’s where I come in. Reach asked me to write the submission that eased them into the finals, then script the face-to-face presentation that helped Reach’s charismatic team lift the trophy.

Could I, too, claim to be an award-winning copywriter? That’s tricky. The award may not have been given for my copy, but it was my clear and persuasive copywriting that won the judges over.

Could you be on a winner’s podium?

Do you deserve an award for the brilliant stuff you do? You need a storyteller on board – someone who can cut through corporate blandness and irrelevance to focus on the facts. Whatever industry you’re in, I’ll help you mine your seam of business gold. I’ll polish your presentation till it blinds the judges on assessment day, then sparkles in the spotlights and camera flashes of awards night.

But don’t leave it too late. A winning pitch depends on facts and data. The more you can gather, the more convincing you’ll be.

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